Commission Rates

Browser Commission Tracking

Browser transactions are tracked based on a last-click attribution. This means that the last link clicked by the customer before placing the order should be the affiliate link. A cookie which lasts for 30 days is dropped on the user’s browser to track the transaction back to the affiliate.

App Commission Tracking

Mobile app orders are tracked using a post-click attribution. Once the affiliate link is clicked, the user device ID is tracked for 7 days. The affiliate who owns the last affiliate link clicked by the customer will receive a commission regardless of the customer clicking other channels’ links before the placement of orders.

Tracking & Payment
Reliable tracking and advance billing tool makes our payment simple and easy

1.The currency that LAZADA uses on AdSense, is a live currency based on the European Central Bank, provided by Open Exchange Rates platform.

2. All conversions tracked on your affiliate dashboard will be on PENDING status at first

3. LAZADA will do automated sales validation process to check the latest status on every pending order.

4. After LAZADA’s sales validation process, your transactions with "PENDING" status will be changed on the dashboard to the following:

  • APPROVED: valid transactions - commissions will be given - if orders are delivered to customers
  • REJECTED: invalid transactions - commission will not be counted - if orders are unpaid, canceled, fake and does not delivered to customers

5. Invoice will be automatically generated in your dashboard on a monthly basis

6. Payment will be transferred to you using the preferred payment method that you assigned on dashboard and will be transferred in maximum 21 days after invoice generated.

7. Payment Advise can be sent to affiliates. Kindly send an email to with the email address you want it to be sent to.

8. Billing Details on Hasoffers need to be double checked. Kindly note that any bank charges incurred by Lazada due to incorrect billing details will be deducted from your invoice amount.

Payment Condition

1. Minimum payment is USD 25 for local transfers and USD 75 for overseas transfers.

2. If your commission does not reach the minimum payout, your credit will be accumulated to the following month's commision and so on until you reach the minimum payment.

If you have any questions, please refer to: