RedMart’s commitment to you

Choosing what to feed your baby can be a challenging task. So many options, so many decisions, so many worries! Let us take some of that load off your mind with RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee. Our promise means that milk formulas on RedMart are guaranteed for:

What this means for you

Easy identification

You will be able to identify qualifying products with this seal: 

You will be able to easily identify products that are sourced directly from the manufacturer, so you can shop for infant formulas and follow-on and growing up formulas with peace of mind.

200% money back guarantee

Upon receiving a qualifying product, and you find that it breaches this guarantee, you can contact us to receive a full refund on your purchase and a compensation credit for the price of the affected product, within seven (7) days from the date of delivery of the product. 

When contacting us, please include a photo of the affected product, including the expiry date and/or manufacturing code. Terms and conditions apply. 

Full Terms & Conditions for RedMart's Milk Formula Guarantee

Terms & Conditions for RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee (“Guarantee”):

  • RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee only covers Milk Formula (“Products”) with the Guarantee Seal. Milk Formula products without the Guarantee Seal come from our RedMart Marketplace vendors and are not guaranteed by RedMart.
  • A RedMart Customer may receive a full refund on the Products purchased from RedMart upon following the instructions above by submitting a claim to RedMart if such Product is noncompliant with the Guarantee.
  • Claims may only be made within seven (7) days from the date of delivery of the Products. (For example, if Products were bought on 7 June 2018 and received on 9 June 2018, the date of delivery is 9 June 2018).
  • RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee only applies to Products with less than 6 months expiry from the date of delivery.
  • An individual who purchased Products on RedMart and received such Products with less than 6 months expiry from date of delivery is a Qualifying Customer.
  • Any Qualifying Customer under RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee will receive a 200% refund in the following manner:
  • 100% refund to Customer’s preferred mode of payment or RedMart credits on the actual price paid for the Product, whether on promotion or not, less voucher code if any; and
  • 100% refund provided in RedMart credits calculated based on the price at 12.00 am on the day that the Product was purchased. Credits expire ninety (90) days from the date of issuance.


  • RedMart’s Terms and Conditions and Voucher and Coupon Codes Terms and Conditions govern the use of voucher and coupon codes under RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee and all other sales.
  • RedMart reserves the right to deny RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee claims that are being submitted to intentionally abuse or circumvent the intent of the Guarantee.
  • All RedMart’s decisions on RedMart’s Milk Formula Guarantee are final and binding including but not limited to determining eligible claimants, number of submissions per claimant, legibility of photographs and submissions, time and date cut-offs, limits of the Guarantee, and maximum amount of refund and credits