Dear RedMart Customer

Thank you for being with us during this outbreak, and for your understanding. As we are practising physical distancing and going out less, RedMart is experiencing a surge in orders. We want to reassure you that RedMart is working hard to manage this increase, as we do hope to serve a higher number of customers and communities in this challenging time.

To help us ensure that delivery slots remain available and consumers can receive their essentials in a timely manner, RedMart will be making some changes to our product assortment and we will be updating our system.

Thus, we will not be taking new orders now and will resume from April 4, Saturday. If you have an upcoming delivery, your order will be delivered. You will not be able to add items to your current order.

We have implemented the following measures to handle the increased demand:

  • We will be temporarily reducing our assortment range, and prioritise daily essentials, such as rice, flour and eggs.
  • Delivery slots will now be assigned based on your address/location and be temporarily limited to specific days and times for each address.
  • To further improve efficiency in our fulfilment operations, and for more customers to get access to our delivery slots, we have implemented the following:
    • Orders can contain up to 35 items.
    • RedMart orders that exceed 100kg will be subject to cancellation.
    • Items cannot be added to orders once placed.
  • Deliveries will be left at the doorstep to minimise contact. Please be available to provide entry into the building, if needed. Please be ready to collect your order as soon as you receive a notification SMS to ensure freshness, especially for fresh and frozen products.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will take additional measures if necessary.

At the same time, we also need to play our part in keeping healthy and fighting the virus. All our staff, including delivery representatives, go through mandatory daily temperature checks and sanitisation, and strictly adhere to hygiene protocols before and after each delivery, according to Ministry of Health guidelines.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Our phone lines are temporarily closed. Need help?

If you have any missing or damaged items from your recent RedMart delivery, please proceed to RedMart Help Centre to request a refund.

For all other queries please use chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there enough stock?

Please do not panic buy, there is enough stock to go around if everyone only buys what they need. Some popular items may be temporarily out of stock but don't worry! We carry a wide range of products and are working closely with our suppliers to ensure adequate supply. 

Q. Why can't I add more quantities of some products?

In order to ensure that there's enough for everyone, and that we are able to fulfill orders to the best of our ability, we have introduced purchase limits on certain products to ensure that other customers are not deprived. 

Q. Why am I unable to update my order for a slot I have already secured?

Updating your order is subject to availability. It takes us longer to process larger orders, so we may need to start preparing them earlier. 

Q. How do I know that fruits and vegetables or meat and seafood will be fresh if I have to order so far in advance?

Our supply of fresh products works on a just-in-time basis so that we deliver products to you at optimum quality. All fresh products delivered will meet our Freshness Guarantee minimum shelf life. 

Q. Why can I only select a delivery for limited days?

We are temporarily scheduling deliveries for a few days at a time in order to serve you better during this period of high demand. Thanks for your patience as we seek to uphold our high standards of service. 

Q. Why did my order get cancelled?

To prevent congestion in our fulfilment operation, ensure the safety of our drivers, and for more customers to get access to our delivery slots, we have set the following guidelines:

1. Maximum order weight limit of 100kg.

2. One order limit per day.

For orders that exceed these thresholds, we will cancel them as they are more demanding to fulfil at this time of high demand. Also, some large orders may be cancelled if they exceed a reasonable number of items or quantities to ensure that there is enough to go around.

Q. Why are some of my items missing from my order?

Due to high demand, we expect more congestion in our warehouses and fulfilment operations. As such, some products may be temporarily unavailable while we are preparing your order, or go missing during transit. We're sorry that we may not always be able to communicate with you on these changes beforehand and appreciate your understanding during this time. 

Q. Why is my order late?

Due to high demand and larger orders, deliveries may run behind schedule. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

Q. How can I contact you to find out more?

Please chat with us via the app or website. Alternatively, visit the RedMart Help Centre